Say goodbye to policy registers, spreadsheets, and folders

Sprout elegantly stores all of your policies, updating you when policies require review. Access is also a breeze, with Sprout seamlessly and securely providing access to families and your team through our iOS, Android and Web apps.

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Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Compliant register of policies

Add and manage your policies. Set a review schedule for your policies. Keep your policy register complete and up to date with the National Quality Framework.

Managed policy review

Sprout notifies you before a policy requires review, giving you time to collect feedback and draft changes.

Easy, secure access

Team members and families can access and review policies securely through Sprout over our iOS, Android and Web apps.

Simple multi-service management

Deploy policies across your whole organisation with the press of a button, instantly notifying all affected. Gone are the days of destroying paper copies and version conflicts.

Get a head start with our free compliance resources

Browse our library of compliance resources made by our experts. And best of all - they are free.

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See what automation can do for you

Find out how Sprout can save every one of your services over 1,500 hours every year in admin and low-value compliance work.

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Coming soon Policies+

Never write a policy ever again

With Policies+, our team of expert Policy writers will work with you to draft r168 policies to meet your services context. If you operate multiple services, we manage your organisation's policy framework to ensure consistency while allowing individual services the flexibility to meet local requirements.

Policies written for your service's context by expert childcare policy writers

Save time and effort trying to use complex templates which change regularly

Implement organisational policy framework across your multiple services

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Take a breath. Sprout is here.

Let Sprout manage and automate your quality and compliance work, saving you time, giving you peace of mind, and allowing you to focus on what matters most - the children.

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