Why using Sprout’s enrolment features will impress families and guarantee compliance

Why using Sprout’s enrolment features will impress families and guarantee compliance

Sprout’s new shareable enrolment link just made securing a child’s enrolment records that bit easier and guarantee compliance going forward.

Sprout have just launched a new set of features that ensure that not only are simple and intuitive to use for families, but also ensure a service’s enrolment records are always 100 per cent compliant from the very first day of a child’s attendance. 

“We are so pleased to be launching these new features at a time when enrolment enquiry and registrations are starting to pick up,” Himal Randeniya, CEO of Sprout said.

“Our focus is always on ensuring our Sprout community has the best tools at their fingertips to manage their businesses and be fully compliant in the process. This new feature certainly fulfils those objectives.”

Shareable enrolment link for families at heart of new feature set 

Going forward Sprout’s Quality Management System will have a new form that automatically guides families through the completion of their child’s enrolment record.

The forms will be fully customisable enabling service leaders to select specific consents that are relevant to the child and also any particular authorisations that will be required, both of which are fully trackable through Sprout’s non-compliant record alert system eliminating the need for monthly audits and investigations. 

“By using a Sprout enrolment form a service manager can be 100 per cent confident that any enrolments are compliant from the children’s first day and throughout their stay at the service,” Himal said. 

Enrolment fee option also built into system 

In addition to the capturing of accurate information and maintaining compliance going forward, the Sprout enrolment system also has the ability to accept one-off enrolment fees from parents should it be a practice used by the service. 

In the spirit of supporting service leaders in every way possible this new Sprout feature will help manage one-off enrolment fees in a simple and intuitive way with Sprout’s very own Stripe integration creating the ecosystem to make it happen. 

“This is a really great new feature. We know many services may not have the systems to request payment before enrolment and now they do, which is great,” Himal said. 

Want to learn more about how Sprout can help your service improve the enrolment experience for families and ensure records are 100% compliant? Visit the Sprout website, or contact the team HERE

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