Early education should be about children, not paperwork

Childcare compliance software that is simple, easy to use and saves you hundreds of hours a month. Create extraordinary experiences with children and leave the paperwork to Sprout.

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Stay ahead of compliance and paperwork

Manage hazards, checklists, incident, injury and illness reports, policies, enrolment records, staff documentation and more - all designed to align with the latest government regulations.

Save hundreds of hours a month

Let clever software automate wasteful admin and compliance work. All paperwork is safely and securely stored for when you need it and accessible wherever you are.

Easily manage multiple services

Standardise processes to align with ACECQA-recommended best-practice. Proactively identify risks across multiple services and spend time focusing on services that need you.

Without Sprout

With Sprout

Today™️, your paperwork partner. Minus the paper and the work.

View all the critical compliance and operational insights through Today™️. Today™️ is your admin and compliance expert, magically updating you throughout the day with actions you need to take to stay National Quality Framework compliant and to embed best practice.

  • Implement best practice without the need for training
  • Documentation updated for you as ACECQA advice changes
  • Today™️ intelligently manages paperwork and identifies compliance tasks
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Compliant workflows. Beautifully automated.

Stay on top of your compliance work with managed workflows for critical processes, such as incidents, checklists, hazards, risks, staff records, child records, and much more. Through clever automation, Sprout saves the average service 1,500 hours per year.

  • Save time and improve regulatory compliance
  • Visibility into key metrics and indicators
  • Proactively manage services and reduce overheads
How many hours will I save?

Created for teams looking to Exceed the National Quality Standards.

Practices built on Sprout empower services looking to Exceed the National Quality Framework to do so with ease.

  • Automatically collects and organises family feedback
  • Develops educator NQF & EYLF knowledge
  • Implements best-practice policy and risk review
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Australia's highest-ranked childcare operations and compliance software. Find out why.

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Collaborate on your paperwork (checklists, hazards, tasks, risks, policies, enrolment forms, child records, staff documentation, parent feedback and much more) in real-time by assigning work and watching the magic happen.

Sprout's compliance feed intelligently sorts items you need to action every day so that you don't lose track of essential compliance tasks in your mountain of paperwork. All you have to do is look at your list of actions, personalised by your role (e.g. Nominated Supervisor), and get shaking!

With checklists, hazards, incidents, and risk reports kept up-to-date to align with government regulations, Sprout empowers your team with customisable paperwork that takes minutes, not hours, to learn.

Save time searching through documents, checking over records or remembering what's next. Sprout takes care of the paperwork through a clever combination of artificial intelligence, workflow and automation.

Sprout provides a standardised, efficient and secure operations framework for Approved Providers looking to grow. With visibility and insight into the deep operations of your services, you can proactively manage risk and manage multiple services more efficiently.

What our users have been saying

"Sprout has completely transformed the way we do things - in the best way possible. We manage all of our services through Sprout, which saves us tens of hours a week, meaning that we can make a greater impact on children."

Melanie Randeniya

Chief Operating Officer

"Sprout takes care of the hardest part of being a Centre Manager - making sure that our whole team is following compliant practices."

Yvonne Chen

Centre Manager

"Parent feedback is AMAZING! Instead of using SurveyMonkey, we now automatically get updated on what we are doing well and what we can improve."

Jessica Frankham

Second in Charge

"No more spending hours trying to locate various forms! It's also smart and tells us when we need to do things to stay compliant."

Sara Eldidi

Assistant Centre Manager

"My team and I love the simplicity of Sprout. It is so easy to navigate and saves us all a headache from all the usual paperwork involved with childcare compliance."

Kate Powell

Educational Leader

"I have been waiting for Sprout for the last 15 years! Usually, I wouldn't say I like the idea of recommending our services use more apps because they are difficult to use and take time away from children. Sprout does the opposite."

Kellie Karkau

Area Manager

"We are so thankful to Sprout for giving us a helping hand and warmly recommend any childcare centre to take advantage of all of the app's fantastic features."

Sue Simenson

Centre Manager

"Our entire team is now on the same page. Since Sprout coaches my team on how to do 'compliance work,' I'm spending less time on compliance, and my team is empowered."

Lee Manning

Centre Manager

"Sprout saves each of our services over $6k a year in compliance audits and time spent on paperwork when going through A&R. Highly recommend!"

Joshua Manson


"Sprout tells us what we need to do to be compliant and automates a lot of this work. I am no longer terrified for a visit from the Department."

Cory Radonich

Centre Manager

"We have had three services use Sprout over the last year. Each of them has reached Exceeding. With Sprout saving us time and taking care of large chunks of our compliance work, our Centre Managers can be pedagogical leaders and create great relationships with children and families."

Chris Sandran


"I don't have to write policies! Woohoo! That's about 20 hours a month saved with Sprout. Thank you Sprout!"

Navya Ramamurthy

Centre Manager

Take a breath. Sprout is here.

Let Sprout manage and automate your quality and compliance work, saving you time, giving you peace of mind, and allowing you to focus on what matters most - the children.

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